Kids n’ Cans for Christ


  1. *Any time you can bring cans/bottles to Ridge Nickel Back or Recycle Bin - Be sure to give teacher name and grade for credit. Credit will go towards the next can drive scheduled.

  2. *Turn your cans/bottles in to Tops/Wegmans and bring the receipts in to FBBC Activity Counter or NCA office (be sure to label with class name/Sunday School for credit)

Mission Statement

Encouraging children

to give from their hearts.

Teaching that no gift or deed

is too small

when its sole purpose

is lifting up the name of

Jesus Christ.

God has touched my heart 
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Kids n’ Cans for Christ is a ministry in which the 5 cents from returning your cans and bottles purchases Gospel Tracts.

A Ministry of First Bible Baptist Church   Hilton, NY  14468   585.392.0777



First Bible Baptist Church

Boys Team- $49.40    Girls Team- $20.40 

Congratulations BOYS Team!! 

Faith Bible Church

Boys Team  $135.20           Girls Team $181.38

Congratulations GIRLS Team!!

Winners will receive FUN PASS for mini golf at the

Clubhouse Fun Center - Henrietta


Questions email:

                                   info: 585-727-9219